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*Location- located right next to gate 1, terminal A.

Food 4/5
-Overall the food provided is what you want when you walk into a lounge. The centerpiece of the dining experience were these little-heated pots that each contained a unique meal whether it be mac and cheese or pork/veggies. This is a wonderful way of presenting food and also is hygienic. There were also desserts such as chocolate moose, varied choice of bread, and when we were there they were offering clam soup. The only reason Escape lounge hasn’t received a five out of five is because they lack any real salad or veggie/fruit options other than what is included with the meals. Pretty disappointing for any vegetarian or health conscious flyers.
-The drink selection was great offering soda and any type of coffee you could ask for. They also offer a bar that has a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.
Environment  4/5
-Escape lounge’s environment is very good with ample seating in a cozy, warm space. The only negative is that there aren’t any private areas or really anywhere you could relax without being caught in the traffic of the lounge. Other than that Escape lounge is very clean and has a constant stream of nice tunes.
Accommodations 5/5
-Accommodations were outstanding with responsive and active staff (which were very friendly and willing to show us where anything was), clean restrooms with lots of space, and fast wifi/cable television. If you want to be taken care of or watch some entertainment to pass the time in between your flights than we would highly recommend the Escape lounge.

Overall Escape lounge receives a very high review and for good reason. The combination of good food, staff, and environment is what the Airline Carry-on staff wants to see in a Lounge, and would definitely reccomend encorporating this lounge into your travels. 

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